Georg E., German physician, 1836-1908. See: Rindfleisch folds.
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2003), family disruption (Burroughs and Rindfleisch 1997; Roberts, Manolis, and Tanner 2003), media exposure (Buijzen and Valkenburg 2003, 2005; Churchill and Moschis 1979; Moschis and Moore 1982), and the influence of peers (Achenreiner 1997; Chan and Prendergast 2007; Flouri 1999) or media celebrities (Clark, Martin, and Bush 2001; La Ferle and Chan 2008).
Burroughs and Rindfleisch (2002) extend this (noting materialism is part of a larger life values system).
In cooking, Rindfleisch is German for which type of meat?
Essas suposicoes ficam ainda mais evidentes quando se encontra, no estudo de Santos e Fernandes (2011) e, mais recentemente, no de Rindfleisch, Burroughs e Wong (2009), uma relacao significativa entre adolescentes do sexo feminino e o comportamento materialista.
These nine items were used because they were found to be more relevant for collectivistic countries compared to individualistic countries (Wong, Rindfleisch, & Burroughs, 2003).
No contexto de marketing e de comportamento do consumidor, varios fatores tem sido apontados como relacionados ao CCC e o tema tem avancado com as analises desses fatores: estrutura familiar, materialismo, socializacao, aspectos demograficos, autoestima, ansiedade e introversao (D'astous, Maltais e Roberge, 1990; Rindfleisch, Burroughs e Denton, 1997; Workman e Paper, 2010).
Albeit the proponents of mixed wording approach suggest that this practice reduces the dangers of response bias such as acquiescence, critics suggest that this mixture may lessen a scale's internal consistency and disrupt its dimensionality (Wong, Rindfleisch & Burroughs, 2003).
Materialism has been linked to more negative outcomes, such as neuroticism (Mick, 1996), low self-esteem (Richins & Dawson, 1992), and dissatisfaction with life (Burroughs & Rindfleisch, 2002).
Rindfleisch involved a slip-and-fall accident on a cruise ship.
To keep her communications from becoming public, Rindfleisch used a private email account while exchanging more than 1,000 messages with Walker's campaign staff.
Upon leaving the service, he married the love of his life, Joan Rindfleisch and, together, they moved to West Boylston, where they raised their four children.