Double Wall Sign

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A finding on a plain supine abdominal film, caused by rupture of a hollow GI viscus—e.g., stomach, duodenum, or colon—in which free air (pneumoperitoneum) outlines the falciform ligament and enhances loops of the small intestine
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Rigler's sign was first described in 1941 by L G Rigler as a new radiological sign for recognising free air in the peritoneal cavity on supine radiograph.
The visualisation of the football sign is indicative of a large amount of intraperitoneal air relative to the patient size, while Rigler's sign can be seen with a small amount of intraperitoneal air and is a more sensitive sign for early pneumoperitoneum.
It is important for the radiologist to recognise the supporting signs of pneumoperitoneum such as Rigler's sign and the football sign on supine abdominal radiographs, especially in neonates and infants where erect chest/abdominal radiographs are not always possible.