Double Wall Sign

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A finding on a plain supine abdominal film, caused by rupture of a hollow GI viscus—e.g., stomach, duodenum, or colon—in which free air (pneumoperitoneum) outlines the falciform ligament and enhances loops of the small intestine
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They include Rigler's sign, hyperlucent liver sign, doge cap sign, falciform ligament sign, urachus sign, football sign, cupola sign, and air under diaphragm [6].
Rigler's sign was first described in 1941 by L G Rigler as a new radiological sign for recognising free air in the peritoneal cavity on supine radiograph.
The visualisation of the football sign is indicative of a large amount of intraperitoneal air relative to the patient size, while Rigler's sign can be seen with a small amount of intraperitoneal air and is a more sensitive sign for early pneumoperitoneum.