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n the rightful ownership; the exclusive right to a thing.
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Part I argues that as a descriptive matter, states have a general right to territory but an incomplete right to property under international law.
In addition, the European Convention on Human Rights, adopted well before the establishment of the European Coal and Steel Association, the forerunner of the EU, also underlines the significance of the right to property, in reference to the confiscation of the properties of the Jews under the Nazi regime.
50) The Court accepted the link between culture and the norm of cultural integrity to land and the right to property explaining that:
The right to property is now considered to be, not only a constitutional or a statutory right, but also a human right," the court said.
The Court left for another day the effect of the survivorship right on deciding whether a right to property exists.
They have already agreed to respect the individual's right to property -- both owners and current users -- for which they have come under fire, and to set up a property commission that will decide on individual cases based on compensation, exchange or return.
It has been the privilege of Erdoy-an and the government mafia to fall behind the Ottoman sultan who guaranteed the security of all citizens' life, property and honor, transparency in trial and commitment to law, fairness in taxation, elimination of bribery, right to property and inheritance rights.
The ranking was made based on ten criteria: business freedom, trade freedom, fiscal freedom, government spending, monetary freedom, freedom of investment, financial freedom, right to property, degree of corruption and labor market freedom.
They argued that the Valley city, with one-third of Los Angeles' population, has a right to one-third of all assets citywide, but would give up its right to property south of Mulholland Drive in exchange for receiving every asset in the Valley at no cost.
In determining if a particular property or right to property under a bequest was subject to levy for Federal taxes due and owing by a recipient beneficiary, state law establishes the nature of the beneficiary's property rights.
Additionally, the fact that Bob Dylan, George Lucas, and Disney act hypocritically or even stupidly does not diminish their right to property.
The plaintiffs had argued that the law violated the principle of equality, the right to property, and the principles of proportionality and public trust.