Right to Treatment

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The doctrine that a facility is legally obliged to provide adequate treatment for a person once it has assumed the responsibility of providing treatment
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While he did not address the constitutional issues directly, Judge Bazelon acknowledged that Congress had become sufficiently concerned about the rights of institutionalized patients to have established a statutory right to treatment in the Hospitalization of the Mentally Ill Act of 1964.
The Council thus ignores the inherent right to life of all babies, disabled or not, as well as the right to treatment on an individual basis according to clinical need.
John said: "Surely having paid into the NHS for more than 50 years I have a right to treatment.
We are failing children," said Dean Hirsch, chairman of the lobal Movement for Children, which issued an urgent appeal to governments and the pharmaceutical industry to recogise a child's right to treatment.
And so, while Eileen lies trapped in her bed, her life hanging in the balance, the doctors whose job it is to care for her and the family who love her unconditionally are embroiled in a bitter battle which will see them debating in court Eileen's right to treatment.
And they should be warned they risk losing their right to treatment.
Graves, who believes patients have a right to treatment for their pain, says he trusted their self-reports.
The Fourteenth Amendment relates to citizens' right to treatment by governmental entities that is fundamentally fair.
Violent and abusive patients could have their right to treatment withdrawn, Health Secretary Alan Milburn announced in Birmingham yesterday.
The commission has initiated its own investigation following allegations Anwar's right to treatment has been abused.
Issues of reproductive rights, control of women's bodies, newborn's right to treatment, the construction of gender as informed by disability and sexual representations are among the issues analysed.