right marginal branch of right coronary artery

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right mar·gi·nal branch of right co·ro·nar·y ar·te·ry

(rīt mahr'ji-năl branch rīt kōr'ŏ-nar-ē ahr'tĕr-ē)
Usually the largest of the ventricular branches of the right coronary artery; courses along the right margin of the heart, and is of sufficient caliber and length to reach the apex.
Synonym(s): ramus marginalis dexter arteriae coronariae dextrae.
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In contrast, the posterior descending artery (PDA) and right marginal artery (RMA) emerge from the right coronary artery (RCA), which (along with other branches) allow blood flow to the right heart and a portion of the left ventricle (Rodriguez et al., 1961; Moore et al.; Drake et al.).
In one case, the artery was just proximal to the origin of right marginal artery. The mean distance from ostium of LCx was 0.88 cm.
A branch running toward the apex of the heart, termed the right marginal artery is greater in calibre than other anterior ventricular arteries (Snell).
The right marginal artery was located on the edge of the right ventricle, and was observed in five individuals (three males and two females) (83.3%), originating from the right coronary artery.

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