right border of heart

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right bor·der of heart

the border between the sternocostal and diaphragmatic surfaces of the heart; it is fairly well defined in fixed hearts but is rounded and indefinite in the living heart.
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2 connection points and a rest area, - marking material: Agglomerates p7 (left and right margin), Cold spray plastic p7 (guidelines, Blocking surface hatching, Parking area marking), Hot plastic mass p7 (block markings, Cyclist ford, Arrow marks).
toward the right margin so that the reader may instead see the more
If you have worked out a fair and competitive price point that has the right margin for you as a business, stick to it.
Visually, poems might spill down the right margin or stutter across the page in a zigzag motion; each choice leads to a different kind of reader engagement.
Recipes are easily read, easily followed with the ingredient list placed along the left or right margin. Makes shopping easy should something needed not be a staple in the individual kitchen.
In relation to significant changes of densities, Tanypodinae increased significantly in the left margin, Orthocladiinae decreased in the main channel and margins, and Tanytarsini decreased in the right margin (Figura 4).
(54.) For thorough and systematic overviews, see Brems, The Margin of Appreciation Doctrine, supra note 3 and Dean Spielmann, Allowing the Right Margin: The European Court of Human Rights and the National Margin of Appreciation Doctrine: Waiver or Subsidiarity of European Review?, 14 Cambridge Y.B.
By going to the website page http://www.buyatimeshare.com/what-is-my-timeshare-worth.asp an owner will see the form on the right margin of the page.
1011/1602), one of the last surviving male members of the prestigious Banu Muflih, a Hanbali judge in Damascus and Baalbek, and also a student of Ibn Tulun, (18) has written the names of each judge, numbered each biographical entry consecutively from 61 to 433, and may have even signed a note in the right margin of fol.
Her-in we report a case of 55 years old male who underwent radical oesophagectomy for adenocarcinoma of lower oesophagus twelve months back now presented with hard mass in the right margin of tongue which was suspected as primary tongue carcinoma; subsequently was confirmed as metastatic oesophageal adenocarcinoma following excision.
Equations must be consecutively numbered throughout the work as follows: (1), (2), etc..., aligned to the right margin of the document.
The Florida Supreme Court and district courts of appeal stamps shall be on the left margin horizontally Any administrative agency stamp shall be on the right margin horizontally.
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