hepatic artery proper

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he·pa·tic ar·ter·y prop·er

origin, common hepatic; branches, right and left hepatic.
Synonym(s): arteria hepatica propria [TA]

he·pat·ic ar·te·ry prop·er

(hĕ-pat'ik ahr'tĕr-ē prop'ĕr) [TA]
Origin, common hepatic; branches, right and left hepatic.
Synonym(s): arteria hepatica propria.
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Right hepatic artery usually crosses posterior to common hepatic duct.
8 Fr tip coaxial microballoon catheter (Logos: PIOLAX, Kanagawa, Japan) was inserted into the right hepatic artery via the parent catheter.
Congenital duplication of the gallbladder associated with an anomalous right hepatic artery.
41%) [Figure 1]b, which included typical double trunk type (from the gastroduodenal artery and the proper hepatic artery) in 8 patients, the right hepatic artery in 1 patient and cystic artery in 1 patient.
oxidised cellulose/gelatin), suture hepatorrhaphy, perihepatic packing with temporary abdominal closure, and right hepatic artery ligation.
8%) cases, accessory right hepatic artery arising from common hepatic artery (Fig.
The last occurred in a reconstructed accessory right hepatic artery and was clinically insignificant.
The court heard how Gipo Tripuraneni, a trainee general surgeon, had torn a hole in Mrs Franks' right hepatic artery when using a retractor to clear tissue during the operation.
Complications arose after a staff grade surgeon wrongly cut her common bile duct and right hepatic artery, cutting off 80per cent of the blood supply to her liver.
This showed a 1cm pseudoaneurysm of the right hepatic artery in the right lobe close to the Porta Hepatis.
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