right border of heart

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right bor·der of heart

the border between the sternocostal and diaphragmatic surfaces of the heart; it is fairly well defined in fixed hearts but is rounded and indefinite in the living heart.
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The characteristic scimitar sign consists of a broad curved, vertically oriented band like opacity along the right heart border, disappearing at the right hemidiaphragm which is the anomalous vein.
The right heart border and diaphragm were not visible.
For example, when right middle lobe atelectasis occurs, the right heart border becomes obliterated because the right middle lobe and the heart reside in the same plane.
At postoperative period, plain radiography of the chest revealed a hypodense mass with a thick peripheral rim, characteristic whirl-like pattern, suggestive of foreign body on the right heart border (Fig.
1) showed mild widening of the mediastinal shadow, left displacement of the heart and loss of the right heart border with a convex prominence of the left border of the heart and pulmonary vascular engorgement.