right gastric artery

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right gas·tric ar·ter·y

origin, hepatic; distribution, pyloric portion of stomach on the lesser curvature; anastomoses, left gastric.

right gas·tric ar·te·ry

(rīt gas'trik ahr'tĕr-ē) [TA]
Origin, hepatic; distribution, pyloric portion of stomach on the lesser curvature; anastomoses, left gastric.

right gastric artery

A branch of the common hepatic artery that runs along the lesser curvature of the stomach, beginning in the pyloric region, and that meets and anastomoses with the left gastric artery.
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Posterior gastric wall was separated from transverse mesocolon and vessels of the lesser curvature and right gastric artery were ligated.
Right gastric artery arising from hepatic artery proper in 55 (78.5%) cases (Fig.
Replaced cystic artery originated in 1 (1.4%) case, accessory cystic artery and accessory right hepatic artery originated in 2 (2.8%) cases and replaced right gastric artery originated in 8 (11.4%) cases from common hepatic artery.
The left branch originates vessels that are variably distributed to all of the lobes of the liver and, in a single case, (3.33%) it does not supply the right gastric artery.
Although we agree, as well with the observations of Richer et al., when they affirm that the hepatic branches terminate in the six lobes of the swine's liver; in our material, it was not founded that the branches for the left lobe originate the left gastric artery, but, they originate the right gastric artery that lies close to the cardia and to the lesser stomach curvature.