right superior pulmonary vein

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right su·pe·ri·or pul·mo·nar·y vein

the vein returning oxygenated blood from the superior and middle lobes of the right lung to the left atrium; tributaries include apical anterior and posterior veins (branches) from the right superior lobe and the middle lobe vein.
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Intracardiac baffle with single patch technique was done in 9 patients in whom right superior pulmonary vein was draining at the junction of right atrium and SVC.
There is a congenital absence of the right superior pulmonary vein and corresponding hypoplastic right lung with mild dilation of the right atrium and right ventricle due to left to right shunting.
In this particular case, it even enabled conversion to normal sinus rhythm during the ablation of the right superior pulmonary vein. We are optimistic that the system will continue to achieve promising outcomes in patients with both paroxysmal and persistent AF."