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Herwigh, German ophthalmologist. See: Rieger anomaly, Rieger syndrome.
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After THR surgery, many patients are up and walking that same day," says Jill Rieger, MD, an internist at Weill Cornell Medicine/NewYork-Presbyterian.
Elaine Pandolfi and Austin Rieger think there's plenty of sales potential for their company's first product - an all-natural moisturizer to help people's skin heal after they get tattoos.
Rieger delves into the backgrounds of her main characters, moving back and forth in time, gradually revealing snippets from their pasts.
The hotel is home to progressive American restaurant, Shay & Ivy, which is the second establishment by the restauranteurs behind the acclaimed Atwood Kitchen & Bar Room, Evan Rosenberg and Daniel Rieger.
Founded in 2011 by CEO Jeff Rieger, FreshTemp has been a pioneering company in creating technology, services and domain expertise in complete food safety and operations management for commercial kitchens.
The study, led by Dr Gerulf Rieger from the department of psychology at the University of Essex, involved 345 women.
In recognition of their longevity, the club are also nicknamed Der Dino and have a dinosaur mascot which the players have mischievously nicknamed Hermann, after long-serving physiotherapist Hermann Rieger.
Managed futures brokerage firm RCM Alternatives has announced that Paul Rieger has been promoted to managing director and partner.
Bernhard Rieger readily acknowledges the tangible virtues of the VW, such as its ruggedness, ease of repair, and its classic rear, air-cooled motor.
In framing this project, Rieger makes clear that Latin Americans and US Latinos/ as, because of their vantage points, can more readily understand the intersecting forces--economic, political, social, and religious--that keep power differentials entrenched and largely hidden.
Editors Hamblin and Rieger present students, academics, and literary critics with a collection of academic essays and papers selected from research presented at the Faulkner and Morrison conference held in October of 2010 at Southeast Missouri State University.
Rieger is sensitive to the tiniest nuances of these songs, yet knows when unabated extravagance is called for.