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Franz, German physician, 1843-1904. See: Riegel pulse.
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In the summer of 2000, when Eden Riegel won the high-profile role of Bianca, the most famous lesbian on daytime television, she had an ace up her sleeve: her big sister.
Of course, Riegel didn't know what the writers at ABC's All My Children had in store when she auditioned for the part--she knew only that Bianca was the teenage daughter of the infamous diva Erica Kane, a character so popular that in real life she has inspired two dolls and an autobiography.
Even though Riegel, who's straight, didn't have any personal experience with coming out as gay, her sister did.
Eighteen years Eden's senior, Tatiana Riegel ("Tanya" to her friends) has the same father as Eden.
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As a founding partner of Riegels, Campos, and Kenyon, she is a nationally renowned appellate attorney, elected to the California Academy of Appellate Lawyers in 1997.
fifth inflation, the catheter burst, and as a result, Riegel suffered
They alleged that the catheter inserted into Riegel was designed,
The Parallel Claim Exception Carved Out in Riegel and Lohr
Riegel effectively precluded many common law tort law claims.
Flowever, the Riegel court made clear that it was only preempting common
Together, Riegel, Lohr; and Buckman, "create a narrow gap