Riedel's struma

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Hashimoto's struma (struma lymphomato´sa) Hashimoto's disease.
struma ova´rii a teratoid ovarian tumor composed of thyroid tissue.
Riedel's struma Riedel's thyroiditis.
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(stroo'ma) [L. struma, a mass, tumor] Goiter.

struma aberrata

A struma of the accessory thyroid glands.

cast iron struma

Riedel's struma.

struma lymphomatosa

A rare condition involving a diffuse and extensive infiltration of the entire thyroid gland.

struma maligna

Carcinoma of the thyroid gland.

struma ovarii

A form of ovarian teratoma in which the mass is composed of typical thyroid follicles filled with colloid.

Riedel's struma

See: Riedel, Bernhard M. K. L.
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