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Bernhard M.C.L., German surgeon, 1846-1916. See: Riedel disease, Riedel lobe, Riedel struma, Riedel thyroiditis.
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Riedel, the Olympic champion from Germany, got a share of the jackpot when he hurled the discus 231 feet, 7 inches.
NEW YORK -- CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD full text of "David Riedel -- Emerging Markets: Entering the Third Phase.
Riedel will hand over management of Riedel Crystal and its worldwide subsidiaries to his son Maximilian J.
Former CIA Middle-East expert and a key advisor to President Barack Obama, Bruce Riedel says the Mumbai attack is the core of the issue between India and Pakistan currently.
headquarters here and has named Maximilian Riedel chief executive officer of Spiegelau USA.
Join the iconic Georg Riedel, owner of world renowned Riedel Crystal stemware, for an evening tasting event at Willamette Valley Vineyards (NASDAQ:WVVI) on Thursday, June 11, at 7 p.
th]-generation CEO of Riedel Crystal, a Pratt Legend at the school's 125[sup.
9 (ANI): A key advisor to US President Barack Obama, Bruce Riedel, has said that Al-Qaeda's main motive is to render Pakistan a failed state as it is trying to paralyse the government and destabilize the country.
According to Vollath, "we will have a close cooperation with Riedel in the U.
Equisearch, a leading provider of services for the search and recovery of lost financial assets, announced today the appointment of Robert Riedel, 63, as Chief Financial Officer.
10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Graffigna (TM) and Riedel Crystal announce their joint development of a wine glass created specifically for Argentina's iconic grape variety, Malbec.
The report published in the Telegraph said President Obama had entrusted the task to overhaul the US policy to former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Middle East expert Bruce Riedel.