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Bernhard M.C.L., German surgeon, 1846-1916. See: Riedel disease, Riedel lobe, Riedel struma, Riedel thyroiditis.
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It seems that Riedel is already in possession of such a brain, or at least is attempting to develop one.
Throughout, but especially in the poetic duet shared by Jonathan Riedel and Charles Scott, he was consistently aware of the playfulness and poignancy of the Mozart accompaniment.
Riedel Crystal is introducing a new instrument from which to enjoy espresso.
Riedel, senior partner of the Riedel Marketing Group.
The newspaper's advance publicity for the show had so upset Boy George, who co-wrote and also stars in the musical based on his life, that the pop star banned its critic Michael Riedel from the opening night.
Five-time world champion Riedel needed only one more victory to write his name in the record books alongside Bubka, who notched his sixth title in Athens in 1997.
The world's most profitable carmaker is also still confident of reporting record profits for the last fiscal year which ended on July 31, board member Hans Riedel said at the opening of a showroom in Shanghai, the financial stronghold of China.
Riedel Crystal is known for creating glasses for specific wine varietals, but has lately turned more attention to the spirit world.
Prior to April 1st, Air Force Staff Sergeant Jon Fremstad and Wisconsin State Trooper George Riedel had not met, but their paths crossed that day to save the life of a child seriously injured in an automobile accident.
It is thinning so much, Riedel points out, that since 1953 it has lost the equivalent of 72 feet of water in thickness off its surface.
At the beginning of each two-month cruise, Riedel notes the home countries of the scientists on board.