Samuel, English chemist and bacteriologist, 1863-1929. See: Rideal-Walker coefficient, Rideal-Walker method.
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According to the early studies by Davies and Rideal [30], the compressibility coefficient ([C.sub.s.sup.-1]) is a useful parameter to quantify the physical states of monolayers.
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According to Davies and Rideal [81], value of [C.sup.-1.sub.s] is indicative of 2D phase composition; namely, the range of 12.5 < [C.sup.-1.sub.s] < 50 mN [m.sup.-1] corresponds to liquid expanded phase (LE, chain disordered) and of 100 < [C.sup.-1.sub.s] < 250 mN [m.sup.-1], to liquid condensed phase (LC, chain ordered); (some authors [58] distinguish also the intermediate range of 50 < [C.sup.-1.sub.s] < 100 mN [m.sup.-1] ascribed to the L1 phase).
Abrams, 1998); Liz Rideal, ed., Mirror, Mirror: Self-Portraits by Women Artists (London: Watson-Guptill Publisher, 2002); and Nancy Heller, Women Artists (New York: Abbeville Press, 2003 revised edition), for a discussion on modernism and contemporary female's art.
[ClickPress, Mon Mar 07 2011] Over three days between 19th April and 21st April 2011, The Rideal Conference will be examining the new discussion points from within the industry and explaining how findings are being transferred for certain applications.
Tom Rideal joins as the office's graduate placement student and Anna Bailey takes on a regional role coving the Midlands and South West as regional business development manager.
Le fond du probleme reside dans le regroupement d'associations musulmanes, plutot anglophones, qui s'attachent a defendre rideal du multiculturalisme, c'est-a-dire du droit a la difference.
Liz Rideal's Fall, River, Snow is being projected on to a lake and a thick screen of trees at the Capability Brown-designed grounds of Compton Verney near Wellesbourne