Rickettsia sibirica

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Rick·ett·si·a si·bi·ri·ca

a bacterial species, the agent of Siberian or North Asian tick typhus, transmitted by various ixodid ticks, which also serve as reservoirs, possibly aided by rodents and hares; the disease resembles Rocky Mountain spotted fever.
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Howard T., U.S. pathologist, 1871-1910.
Rickettsia akari - a species causing human rickettsialpox.
Rickettsia australis - a species causing a spotted fever.
Rickettsia conrii - an African species probably causing boutonneuse fever.
Rickettsia prowazekii - a species causing epidemic typhus.
Rickettsia rickettsii - the agent of Rocky Mountain spotted fever.
Rickettsia sibirica - the agent of Siberian or North Asian tick typhus.
Rickettsia tsutsugamushi - a species causing tsutsugamushi disease and scrub typhus.
Rickettsia typhi - a species causing murine or endemic typhus fever.
rickettsial - pertaining to or caused by rickettsiae.
rickettsialpox - an acute disease caused by Rickettsia akari; transmitted by the mite.
rickettsiosis - infection with rickettsiae.
rickettsiostatic - an agent inhibitory to the growth of Rickettsia.
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