(rĭ-shā′, rē-shĕ′), Charles Robert 1850-1935.
French physiologist. He won a 1913 Nobel Prize for the discovery of anaphylaxis.
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The "pelvic congestion syndrome" characterized by Louis Alfred Richet in 1857 is a chronic, gnawing pelvic pain or pressure that lasts for more than 6 months with no evident cause [1].
a Her latest French project, The Emperor of Paris, sees her starring with Vincent Cassell and Olga Kurylenko in a project for director Jean-Francois Richet.
Charles Richet coined the word in 1902 and 11 years later, he won the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology for his work on anaphylaxis.
This sophomore episode, titled Hide and Seek, sees protagonist Louis de Richet deal with the fallout from The Mad Ones' ending which, depending on your choices, may have resulted in a violent death.
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In this 2005 update, director Jean-Francois Richet and screenwriter James DeMonaco place the emphasis on action and reset the gunplay from Los Angeles gangland to snowbound Detroit.
The film by Jean-Francois Richet, adapted for the screen by the author of the book, Peter Craig, gives Gibson opportunities to flesh out a complicated-if cliched-character.
FILM: Blood Father CAST: Mel Gibson, Erin Moriarty, Diego Luna and William H Macy DIRECTION: Jean-Francois Richet Directed by Jean-Francois Richet, the man behind the remake of Assault On Precinct 13, Blood Father stars Mel Gibson as a man named John Link.
Gibson is the main attraction here, effortlessly shifting to movie-star mode when John briefly acts like a real dad, giving Lydia a pep talk to ward off any thoughts of killing herself -- even if tomorrow doesn't seem worth waking up for, "the day after tomorrow might be the best day of your life", he points out, sounding like something Gibson might've told himself at some point -- but director Jean-Francois Richet (who made Mesrine ) makes the occasional assist, especially right at the end.