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John Clifford, 20th-century Canadian neurologist. See: Steele-Richardson-Olszewski disease, Steele-Richardson-Olszewski syndrome.
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The event, sponsored for a 14th year by the Richardson family, finished in near darkness and it was close to start with - level at six across at the 11th end.
Richco Structures, a division Richardson Industries, has increased its market share through a rapid growth in sales and customer satisfaction.
"It was surprising and delightful to see them almost magically soar upwind in wind speeds of 10 to 20 knots," Richardson said.
Following the transaction, Richardson and Glencore-owned Viterra will be similarly sized grain handling companies with Richardson moving from 26% to 34% market share and Viterra moving from 46% to 36%.
He let her fall to the ground, then Richardson and Taylor both kicked and punched her in the face.
Its revenue for the year to May 2011 amounted to GBP1.3m (USD2.1m/EUR1.5m).Country: , UKSector: ElectronicsTarget: Powerlink Specialist Electronics Support Limited Buyer: Richardson Electronics LimitedType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Agreed
Beyond the first glance, this new gig isn't as familiar for Richardson as his wardrobe makes it appear.
"My views on the Cuban issue were conflicted," Richardson wrote in his 2005 book "Between Worlds," a memoir and precursor to his failed 2008 presidential bid.
Richardson was born in 1934 in Newcastle, Wyo., in the eastern part of the state.
"Approximately an hour after the incident, Mrs Richardson was not feeling good.
Fiona Cortese, from the Crown Prosecution Service, said Richardson went to his in-laws' home, where his wife had been living since their separation in April 2008, and broke the front door window to get in.
Gathering landlord-tenant case records from the state's 38 district courts, Richardson and her family began compiling a database of the nearly 7,000 names of tenants and addresses involved in eviction proceedings for the last few years.

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