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Hans, Swiss ophthalmologist, 1905-1989. See: Wagner disease, Wagner syndrome.
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About the Author: RICHARD WAGNER is a technical architect for SHL Systemhouse in Boston, Mass.
Brener explores the relationships German composer Richard Wagner had with Jews and his contradictory anti-Semitism, most famously shown in his essay "Judaism in Music.
A great love of Swain's life is operas - to be precise, operas by German composer Richard Wagner.
1813: Richard Wagner, operatic composer, was born in Leipzig.
The work of the great Romantic German composer, poet, librettist, conductor and theatre director, Richard Wagner, a giant in the history of opera, was showcased at the Royal Opera House Muscat (ROHM) in Oman recently to enthusiastic reviews from critics and, more importantly, audiences thrilled by the spectacle of Lohengrin, on stage at what has become the jewel in the sultanate's cultural crown.
Although it was first published in German in 2012, it is symptomatic of the way historians and musicologists treated the Richard Wagner bicentennial in 2013.
Scriabin shared his obsession with a total work of art with composer Richard Wagner, whose idea was to incorporate music, dance, architecture and artwork in his music dramas.
H<Ee>bert presents an examination of the sustained popular interest in the works of Richard Wagner in nineteenth century France.
BORN RICHARD Wagner, German composer, 1813 ARTHUR Conan Doyle, British author, 1859 NAOMI Campbell, British model, 1970, above DIED VICTOR Hugo, French author, 1885 ROCKY Graziano, US boxer, 1990 MARGARET Rutherford, UK actress, 1972, above
It took German composer Richard Wagner 26 years, from 1848-74, to compose the operas that make up the Ring cycle.
The program is selections of women's musing moments in songs and arias, including works by Amy Beach ("Three Browning Songs''), Richard Wagner, Puccini, Verdi, Cilea and Ponchielli.
This event is a major milestone for our scientists, investors, and company" said Richard Wagner.