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Hans, Swiss ophthalmologist, 1905-1989. See: Wagner disease, Wagner syndrome.
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Perhaps more authentic is the new permanent Richard Wagner Museum, slated to open in the Alte Nikolaischule, where he went to school, on the eve of his May 22 birthday.
Richard Wagner and His World offers a wealth of insights into the composer, his music, and his influence upon musical culture.
Upon studying these connections, the misogynisti c tendencies of Richard Wagner become increasingly apparent.
Bowing to protests from Holocaust survivors and some politicians, organisers of the annual premier arts Israel Festival back down from their plan to feature the music of Richard Wagner, Hitler's favourite composer.
Two years after her maternal leave of absence, Charbonnet now feels poised to tackle the music she was born to sing: the heroic works of Richard Wagner.
Arpino's Sea Shadow (1962) was beautifully danced by Maia Wilkins and Davis Robertson, and Robert Joffrey was acknowledged with a pas de deux from his Remembrances (1973) to music by Richard Wagner.
Consider the contents: a piece, subtitled "A Play of 19th and 20th Century Critical Fictions," that reads Richard Wagner and Antonin Artaud in relation to one another; a reading of Donna Haraway's "Manifesto for Cyborgs"; an essay with the permutating title "Aversion/Perversion/Diversion" that deals with gay identity; "Shadow and Ash," a multidiscursive piece that functions, I think, as a partial but perhaps typical itinerary of Delany's engaged and questing mind; an essay that describes itself as "Some Notes on Hart Crane"; and, as an appendix, a meditation called "Shadows," which Delany himself, in his preface, describes as follows: "If 'Shadow and Ash' is the most important essay here, then 'Shadows' is its lengthy, chrestomathic preface.
In The Case for Mars, Robert Zubrin and Richard Wagner present a powerful and pragmatic argument for near-term exploration and colonization of our celestial neighbor.
Unfortunately, Grendel tries to combine and alternate the narrator's own story with the story of secret agent Richard Wagner and with that of Nepomuk, director of a mysterious sanatorium in a place which is not marked on the map.
The portraits of Richard Wagner, Charles Gounod and Hector Berlioz are good examples of late-19th-century styles.
Even with metal wings, the techniques used for making the airliners now flying are effective enough to conserve laminar flow further back on the wing "if we just shave the rivets a thousandth of an inch or so," says Richard Wagner, head of NASA Langley's laminar flow control project.
LOS ANGELES -- More than a century ago, composer Richard Wagner conceived his epic four-opera cycle Der Ring des Nibelungen as a festival event that completely engaged the city of Bayreuth, Germany.