Thoma, Richard

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Richard, German histologist, 1847-1923.
Thoma ampulla - a dilation of the arterial capillary beyond the sheathed artery of the spleen.
Thoma fixative - nitric acid in 95% alcohol, used for decalcifying bone in the preparation of histologic specimens.
Thoma law - the development of blood vessels is governed by dynamic forces acting on their walls.
Thoma-Zeiss apparatus - Synonym(s): Abbé-Zeiss apparatus
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He's plainly a local man, the circumstances compel that the perpetrator knew his way around, knew of the existence of a hideaway close to the coastal path where he hid his victims, knew he had time to drag the body of Richard Thomas into his home, knew he had time to douse the property in diesel, knew his escape routes and had intimate knowledge of the places in which he committed the offences.
A probable forward pass that went undetected allowed Aberavon wing Richard Thomas to race past a static defence in the 74th minute and the conversion took the Wizards home by five points.
Aberavon carved out an equalising try four minutes later through centre Richard Thomas.
Davies converted, but Jarvis levelled it and a late burst brought Aberavon tries from wing Richard Thomas and replacement lock Rhydian Gierat.
Richard Thomas, Cardiff & Co's marketing director, said he hoped the pledge would also encourage nations to site training camps for the 2012 Olympics in the area.
Richard Thomas Managing director, Cardiff & Co The Old Library, Cardiff
Richard Thomas, Cardiff & Co's managing director, said: "This property finder will make life considerably easier for potential investors in the city-region, especially first-time investors who are probably unfamiliar with the property offer.
Aberavon's wings Richard Carter and Richard Thomas gained all three of the home side's tries in clinical fashion to see off the Black and Ambers.