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Richard, 20th century U.S. oncologist.
Norton-Simon hypothesis - see under Norton, Larry
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76) In letters to her publisher, Richard Simon, Hobson referred to these new stories, novels and screenplays.
Since early 2003, genuine spare parts matched to the original Richard Simon design authority documentation and drawings have been supplied by fellow Premier Tech company; Chronos BTH.
s hero in this study apparently is Richard Simon for his combining critical research and theological/spiritual exegesis.
A*Times Staff Writer Richard Simon in Washington contributed to this article.
Also, as Times reporters Janet Hook and Richard Simon noted this week, in the 1980s, Murtha was investigated in connection with the Abscam bribery scandal, in which FBI agents posing as wealthy Arab sheiks tested the rectitude of members of Congress.
com) is done by Richard Simon, one of the veterans of this hobby/ business.
Both his agent, Richard Simon, and I thought his work and the expertise that underlay it, of outstanding quality.
This book by Richard Simon and his colleagues at the National Cancer Institute will help keep costs and lousy data minimal.
I think we need more data to be developed," added panelist Richard Simon, MD of the National Cancer Institute.
One instance of a more positive entry in this volume is the one on the famous critical historian of the Hebrew Scriptures, Richard Simon, where clear indication is given that Simon befriended Jews.