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Sir Richard, English anatomist, 1804-1892.
contour lines of Owen - Synonym(s): Owen lines
interglobular space of Owen - one of a number of irregularly branched spaces near the periphery of the dentin of the crown of a tooth.
Owen lines - accentuated incremental lines in the dentin thought to be due to disturbances in the mineralization process. Synonym(s): contour lines of Owen
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Richard was the second child of the late Richard Owen and Jeanne (Dorman) Slein of Vesper Street in Worcester.
Producer Richard Owen said: 'He says he'll be glad to retire because athletics is the only thing in his life and he wants to make room for other things.
HEADINGLEY old boy Richie Mathers scored one and produced a late try assist for Richard Owen to deny Leeds top spot in Super League.
RICHARD OWEN, who bagged a hat-trick against Hull KR on his last appearance, returns as Castleford bid to make it five wins out of five.
James Clare, Richard Owen (twice), Jordan Thompson and Adam Milner all crossing over.
Richard Owen checks his Trimble By law, open access maps must be reviewed after 10 years and the process will start tomorrow when the CCW releases draft maps of open country and registered common land.
for their kindness to both Ian and myself, to Barry Lane for his lovely service and to Richard Owen for the excellent funeral arrangements.
Trust chair Richard Owen added: "We would never condone threats of violence, but clearly fans do have some legitimate concerns about what has happened over the past few years."
Richard Owen, financial director of GRS Roadstone, said the new unit was perfectly located and would allow the company to expand.
Stuart Cox, Richard Owen and Mandy O'Flaherty with the award.
It marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Sir Richard Owen, who founded the museum in 1881.