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Richard, English physiologist, 1831-1916.
Norris corpuscles - decolorized red blood cells that are invisible or almost invisible in the blood plasma unless they are appropriately stained.
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London-based French DJ/producer Nicolas Laugier, aka The Reflex, provides remixes of 'She Taught Me How To Fly' and 'Keep On Reaching', while British artist Richard Norris reworks 'Black & White Sunshine'.
Also making an appearance to bring a Nutopian electronic-meets-spokenword set to Lunar is Richard Norris. In the timber-framed Moonshine Barn - a further addition to this year's Lunar offering - comedy is provided by one of the UK's longest-standing clubs, The Glee Club.
Tim will then take over the decks in the public bar, playing a cosmic-inspired set list, followed by Richard Norris, who is one half of Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve alongside Erol Alkan, and has also recorded two solo albums as The Time and S p a ce Machine.
"The New Face of Richard Norris," by Jeanne Marie Laskas, is a literary standout, with jarring prose that mirrors its unsettling topic.
Key dates for your diary include: | June 30 - Pier Head Village official launch with Sunset Sessions opening night with Andy Carroll and special Balearic Guests including Richard Norris and Nancy Noise.
BIRTHDAYS Mel Stute 89 trainer of Snow Chief & Very Subtle; Stanley Gold 69 trainer of Awesome Feather & Fort Loudon; Timmy Hyde (pictured) 75 owner of Camas Park Stud; Richard Norris 36 Jockey Club Racecourses group racing director; Nigel Elwes 75 former chairman of the TBA & the British Racing School; Billy Ellison 71 Red Rum's lad; John Goulding 59 rider of Astral Charmer & Master Brutus; Gerald Ford 72 co-owner of Pleasantly Perfect; Rashard Lewis 37 joint-owner of Cigar Street; Earl of Donoughmore 89 owner of Cyrian & Bongo Fury; David Futter 48 owner of Yorton Farm Stud; Tod Ramos 60 equestrian artist Please notify birthday greetings to us at least one week before publication
Paul Barnfield reached the 10 fish catch and release using buzzers while small nymphs fished slowly brought the same number to the net for Peter Morgan and Richard Norris.
James Norris, an engineer, and his cousin, Richard Norris of Scripps Institution of Oceanography, made the discovery last December while attending to a weather station and 15 stones in the playa they had imported and equipped with motion-activited GPS sensors two years earlier in an effort to explain the moving rocks.
The move is a watershed moment for science, allowing transplant recipients like Richard Norris to go on to live a life free from the glares society currently inflicts upon them.
According to the report by The Huffinton Post, Richard Lee Norris said, "when I look in the mirror, I see Richard Norris. People used to stare at me because of my disfigurement.