Jeffrey Dahmer

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A prolific serial killer and sex offender (1960–1994) who raped, tortured and murdered 17 men and boys, dismembering them and eating parts of their bodies. Dahmer’s killing career began in 1978, but most of the murders occurred from 1987–1991
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Richard Guerrero and David Spotts (Colorado) defeated Johnnie Baylark and Kenneth Hill (Illinois) to take the doubles title.
The committee members include: Armond Agajhani, Ara Ahronian, Albert Abkarian, Mary Boger, Lynda Burns, Iva Carrico, Wanda Dorn, Richard Guerrero, Vahik Gourjian, Armine Hacopian, Stepan Hovaginian, Max Hobbs, Ardashes Kassakhian, Berdj Karapetian, Dick Kemp and Greg Krikorian.