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any of a group of water-soluble yellow pigments widely distributed in animals and plants, including riboflavin and yellow enzymes.
flavin adenine dinucleotide (FAD) a coenzyme that is a condensation product of riboflavin phosphate and adenylic acid; it forms the prosthetic group (non–amino acid component) of certain enzymes, including d-amino acid oxidase and xanthine oxidase, and is important in electron transport in mitochondria.
flavin mononucleotide (FMN) a derivative of riboflavin consisting of a three-ring system (isoalloxazine) attached to an alcohol (ribitol); it acts as a coenzyme for a number of oxidative enzymes, including l-amino acid oxidase and cytochrome C reductase.


, flavine (flā'vin, -vēn, flav'in, -ēn),
1. Synonym(s): riboflavin
2. A yellow acridine dye, preparations of which are used as antiseptics.
[L. flavus, yellow]


(flā′vĭn) also


Any of various molecules, including riboflavin, found in plant and animal tissue as coenzymes of flavoproteins. They are variously yellow, red, blue, or colorless depending on the oxidation state.


A heat-stable factor of the vitamin B complex with isoalloxazine nucleotides that are coenzymes of the flavohydrogenases.
Synonym(s): flavin, flavine, riboflavine.


One of a range of water soluble yellow pigments that includes the vitamin RIBOFLAVIN. Flavins occur in the tissues as coenzymes of FLAVOPROTEINS.