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a chemical element, atomic number 45, atomic weight 102.905, symbol Rh. (See Appendix 6.)
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rho·di·um (Rh),

A metallic element, atomic no. 45, atomic wt. 102.90550.
[Mod. L. fr. G. rhodon, a rose]
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A metallic element, atomic no. 45, atomic wt. 102.90550.
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As revealed in Figure 3B, which shows the map cells that were reclassified by the CLUE-S algorithm, the allocation of annual crop areas primarily occurred in areas under Typic Dystrudepts and Rhodic Kanhapludults, while fruit farming and silviculture were allocated near water courses and were distant from roads.
Productivity of maize in response to fertilization with NPK and Zn in Arenic Hapludalf and Rhodic Eutrudox.
Tillage impacts on soil property, runoff, and soil loss variations from a Rhodic Paleudult under simulated rainfall.
Field experiments were conducted in 2014 and 2015 at the Agronomic Experimental Station of the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (Eldorado do Sul, Brazil), on an Ultisol (Rhodic Paleudult) exhibiting the following physical and chemical characteristics in the 0-20cm layer: clay=250g [dm.sup.-3]; pH=5.2 ([H.sub.2]O); P=42mg [dm.sup.-3] (Mehlich-1); K=202mg [dm.sup.-3] (Mehlich-1); organic matter=18g [dm.sup.-3] and soil bulk density (0-5cm)=1350kg m-3.
(2016), who worked with a heavy clayey Rhodic Hapludox (Latossolo Vermelho distroferrico), under direct planting, conventional planting and native forest, analyzing two depths (0.05 and 0.15 m).
This association was likely driven by Orthic Ferralsols and Humic Nitosols, which were negatively associated with aflatoxin contamination, and Rhodic Ferralsols and Eutric Nitosols, which were positively associated with aflatoxin contamination (P<0.0001).
II Suitable soils Rhodic Eutrophic Red Yellow Eutrophic Alfisoil, Luvisol Haplic, Cambisol, Chernosol Argiluvico and Neosoil Fluvic Eutrophic, non-salty, non-sodic and well drained, Distroferric Red Latosol and dystrophic Red Yellow Latosol and Yellow, Red Nitosol Dystroferric Ultisol dystrophic and Yellow, Cambisol, Vertisol, Chernosol Argiluvico, Fluvic Neossols Dystrophic and or poorly drained, Gleysol, Organosols and Vertisols.
In the present work the capitulum dry matter profits when cassava wastewater was used as a substitute for the mineral fertilization were higher than those (3,882.5 kg [ha.sup.-1]) obtained in one study when growing the sunflower hybrid BRS 191 in Rhodic Eutrudox (eutroferric Red Latosol) managed with mineral fertilizers [30].
The soil of the experimental site was classified as an Rhodic Eutrudox (Food and Agriculture Organization, 2006), with clayey texture (558.50 g [kg.sup.-1] of clay, 278.61 g [kg.sup.-1] of silt and 162, 89 g [kg.sup.-1] of sand).