Rhinoestrus purpureus

Rhi·no·es·trus pur·pu·re·us

(rī'nō-es'trŭs pŭr-pū'rē-ŭs),
A species of fly of the family Oestridae, the nasal botflies, that causes rhinoestrosis.

Rhinoestrus purpureus

The Russian gadfly, whose larvae sometimes cause nasomyiasis and ophthalmomyiasis in humans.
See also: Rhinoestrus


a genus of flies, resembling Oestrus spp., and obligate parasites of Equus spp.

Rhinoestrus purpureus
larvae parasitize larynx and nasal sinuses of Equidae. Called also Russian gad fly.
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Oestrusovis (sheep nostril fly) is a parasite mainly in sheep and goats, and Rhinoestrus purpureus is a parasite in horses, but both are occasionally responsible for myiasis in human beings.