Troglitazone, see there.
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She has been lead trial counsel for cases involving Prempro, Rezulin, Fen/Phen and other prescription medications.
He has been named co-liaison counsel for the State of New York Diet Drug (Fen-Phen) litigation and Rezulin litigation.
Kent involved tort claims against Warner-Lambert, the manufacturer of the diabetes drug Rezulin.
New York) over its now-withdrawn Rezulin diabetes treatment.
Supreme Court's decision to hear its first case on the issue of federal preemption of drug liability claims, an appeal of a ruling that traditional state law fraud claims in Rezulin are not preempted; medical literature that reports the odds for myocardial infarction and cardiovascular death in patients taking Avendia is "not statistically significant"; claims about heart attack and heart failure; a complaint seeking certification of a national Avendis medical monitoring and refund class; and, a Texas claim that Avandia contributed to cardiac arrest.
These include (for example) litigation focusing on tobacco, the diabetes drug Rezulin, and the painkiller Vioxx.
Besides Vioxx, other drugs that were taken off the market after their initial approval include allergy-relieving Seldane, antidiabetes Rezulin, and the cholesterol-lowering Baycol.
Thus the medication Rezulin maintained its approval status with the FDA for years, despite many reports of deaths due to liver damage, because Rezulin was targeting a condition that itself entailed a risk of death.
In 1997, the FDA approved the drug Rezulin (troglitazone) for use in treating certain types of diabetes.
In March 2000, the FDA yanked a diabetes drug called Rezulin off the market after it had been linked to at least 90 cases of liver failure and 63 deaths.
See Oral and Videotape Deposition of Dikran Barsamian, in the matter of Rezulin Products Liability Litigation, MDL-1348, August 16, 2001.
Sherwyn Schwartz and Philip Raskin participated in clinical trials of the drug Rezulin.