Revolution in Medicine

A broad-based and relatively abrupt advance in medical knowledge, resulting in major improvements in managing a particular group of diseases
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Doctor Revers believes that a revolution is needed to change the modern healthcare delivery system and this revolution in medicine starts with the revolution of self.
The author explains how Hunter's contacts in the seedy underbelly of society, including London's infamous body snatchers, led ultimately to a revolution in medicine. Despite his affinity for cutting into flesh for the sake of learning, Hunter promoted surgical restraint and shunned the unnecessary amputations and invasive treatments that were fashionable at the time.
In foretelling the future I shall merely confirm what we already know: we are at the dawn of a revolution in medicine and genetic therapies that will dramatically alter how we understand the meaning of health and disease.
So what are the changes that come from the Information Revolution in medicine? Some useful concepts help our grasp of knowledge management
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