Revici Cancer Control

Revici therapy

A cancer therapy based on Revici’s theory of disease dualism, which holds that disease is nothing more than an imbalance between anabolism and catabolism. According to the Revici framework, diseases can be controlled by determining the nature of a biological imbalance and providing the substance that corrects it; it is said to detect catabolic or anabolic processes by measuring urinary pH. Catabolic agents include fatty acids, magnesium, selenium and sulphur; anabolic agents include caffeine, iron, lipols, lithium and zinc.

The method has no demonstrable efficacy and is based on no known or established scientific principle.

Revici Cancer Control (r·vēˑ·chē kanˑ·sr knˑ·trōl), a treatment based on the idea that cancer is caused by an imbalance between constructive and destructive metabolic processes. Treatment consists of taking various nutritional substances to bring the metabolism back into balance, the appropriate substances being determined through analysis of specific gravity, acidity, surface tension of the patient's urine, and other methods. Also called
biologically guided chemotherapy or
lipid therapy.