reversible reaction

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re·ver·si·ble re·ac·tion

a chemical reaction that takes place in either direction, that is, from the forward or reverse direction; ionization is such a reaction, as are reactions involving racemases, isomerases, mutases, transferases, etc.
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The electrochemical oxidation and reduction of the proteins and peptides may be a reversible reaction due to which oxidized and reduced forms of these compounds may remain in equilibrium.
The results indicated that the mean values of statistical analyses applied to the kinetic models for the reversible reactions expressed a good fit with values close to zero for all statistical tests as shown in Table 3.
The kinetics models incorporated reversible reactions, which enable better prediction of reaction rate parameters.
The modeling of the reversible reaction of methanolysis was performed using simulation software, MATLAB, and aimed to evaluate its kinetics model.
However, Table 2 showed the evidence of a reversible reaction, as indicated by the value of [k.sub.6r] from the current model.
The values of activation energy for the reversible reaction of methanolysis were found to be within the range of 6.5-44.4 KJ [mol.sup.-1] as presented in Table 4.
[14] proposed the division of the overall transesterification reaction into three reversible reactions with intermediate creation of DG in the first reaction and MG produced from the reaction of DG and alcohol.