Reverse Discrimination

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A popular term for the denial of a job or admission to a professional school based on the fact that the applicant is not of a minority race or deemed disadvantaged
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Highly compensated employees and owners should be alert for the effects of reverse discrimination.
To throw out the test results under such circumstances now risks a reverse discrimination disparate treatment action by the non-minorities who passed the test.
LaCour-Little (1996) uses the finding that accepted minority applicants have average qualifications 19 percent lower than accepted non-minority applicants to conclude that there is evidence of reverse discrimination.
was the victim of reverse discrimination in this case was rendered moot, (23) leaving intact the spirit of Brown I that recognizes group inequalities in their historical context.
While targeting ethnicity is decidedly frowned upon in the United States, this is something of a case of reverse discrimination where the effort is to locate a genetic propensity for disease and then eliminate it.
DeStafano, (76) a case involving allegations of reverse discrimination by a group of white firefighters, is somewhat more ambiguous.
Content covers information on rulings involving law of the workplace, including the standard of proof in age discrimination cases, developments in whistleblower and retaliation cases, the Caperton Gambit, designing tests to help avoid discrimination or reverse discrimination claims, filing claims under Title IX, pre-suit investigations and filing a recusal motion.
A group of parents calling themselves the Initiative of Parents and Graduates of the English School claims that the school is tacitly condoning a policy of reverse discrimination against the Greek Cypriot pupils.
Therefore they conclude that a quota favoring women or other citizens would amount to a form of reverse discrimination.
I CAN understand Mr Appleyard's concerns (Viewpoints, July 19) about reverse discrimination.
And, although it may not be as clear, neither is "strong reverse discrimination.
A problem area skirted by this author is that of reverse discrimination in professional baseball.