Jacques L., Swiss surgeon, 1842-1929. See: Reverdin graft.
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Eight years later the architects Emile Reverdin and Gaspard Andre were chosen to design an edifice inspired by Charles Garnier's Opera de Paris, and building finally began in 1874.
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Later on Jacques-Louis Reverdin reported "Pinch Grafts" in 1869.As research and science progressed Carl Thiersch perfected the art of grafting in 1886 when he described split thickness skin graft12.
Congenital unilateral absence of the vas deferens (CUAVD) is an uncommon anomaly, which may contribute to male infertility and it has been associated with renal agenesis and a variety of other anomalies that was first described in 1870 by Reverdin [1].
In 1869, in Geneva Jacques Reverdin used the skin auto-grafts to treat difficult to heal wounds and found that the use of small areas of the skin were most appropriate, because they were taken.
Jacques Louis Reverdin (1842-1929) introduced the use of skin grafts in 1869.
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El mismo ano el Tercer Congreso Internacional de Educacion Moral dedica tambien uno de sus temas a la ensenanza de la Historia; en el predomina la idea de buscar en esta ensenanza, sin prejuicios y con animo tolerante, aquellas manifestaciones de la humanidad que unan a pueblos y hombres de "todos los rangos, de todos los partidos, de todas las razas y de toda fe o de toda incredulidad" (Reverdin, 1932, p.