Retzius, Magnus G.

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Magnus G., Swedish anatomist and anthropologist, 1842-1919.
calcification lines of Retzius - incremental lines of rhythmic deposition of successive layers of enamel matrix during development. Synonym(s): lines of Retzius
foramen of Key-Retzius - see under Key, Ernst AH
Key-Retzius corpuscles - see under Key, Ernst AH
lines of Retzius - Synonym(s): calcification lines of Retzius
Retzius foramen - Synonym(s): lateral aperture of the fourth ventricle
Retzius striae - dark concentric lines crossing the enamel prisms of the teeth, seen in axial cross sections of the enamel. Synonym(s): brown striae; striae parallelae
sheath of Key and Retzius - see under Key, Ernst AH
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