Retzius, Anders A.

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Anders A., Swedish anatomist and anthropologist, 1796-1860.
cavum retzii - Synonym(s): space of Retzius
Retzius cavity - Synonym(s): space of Retzius
Retzius fibers - stiff fibers in Deiters cells.
Retzius gyrus - the intralimbic gyrus in the cortical portion of the rhinencephalon.
Retzius ligament - the deep attachment of the inferior extensor retinaculum in the tarsal sinus. Synonym(s): fundiform ligament of foot
Retzius space - Synonym(s): space of Retzius
Retzius veins - portacaval anastomoses. Synonym(s): Ruysch veins
space of Retzius - the area of loose connective tissue between the bladder with its related fascia and the pubis and anterior abdominal wall. Synonym(s): cavum retzii; retropubic space; Retzius cavity; Retzius space
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