retropharyngeal lymph nodes

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ret·ro·pha·ryn·ge·al lymph nodes

the three groups of lymph nodes (one median and two lateral) located between the pharynx and the prevertebral layer of cervical fascia; they receive lymph from the nasopharynx, the auditory tube, and the atlantooccipital and atlantoaxial joints.

ret·ro·pha·ryn·ge·al lymph nodes

(retrō-fă-rinjē-ăl limf nōdz) [TA]
Three groups of lymph nodes located between pharynx and prevertebral layer of cervical fascia.


behind the pharynx.

retropharyngeal abscess
see pharyngeal abscess.
retropharyngeal lymph node abscess
see pharyngeal abscess.
retropharyngeal lymph node enlargement
enlargement causes interference with respiration and swallowing. The principal sign is snoring. In large animals the glands are palpable via the oral cavity or inspected by fiberoptoscopic viewing. See also pharyngeal lymphadenopathy.
retropharyngeal lymph nodes
lymph nodes in the tissues in the dorsum of the pharynx.
retropharyngeal lymphadenopathy
see pharyngeal lymphadenopathy.