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a chemical element, atomic number 75, atomic weight 186.2, symbol Re. (See Appendix 6.)
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Abbreviation for right ear; right eye.


Symbol for rhenium.
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Symbol for rhenium
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Q. How do you prevent an asthmatic attack from re-occurring? I am very anxious about having another asthmatic attack, because this doesn’t happen very often. How can I make sure I avoid having it?

A. reflexology. that's what helps me. have you tried alternative medicine before? as the asthma is only an outcome of something deeper- medication are usually more a treatment then a prevention. try reflexology treatment-it can help prevent another attack- maybe even make it never come back.

Q. We’re just fighting against our body when we don't eat properly. If so what on earth is diet fitness? It doesn't matter how much we exercise, if our diet isn't a healthy one. We’re just fighting against our body when we don't eat properly. If so what on earth is diet fitness?

A. Check out the following site that should answer your questions:

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Converting International Units of Vitamin A to Retinol Equivalents Converting International Units of Vitamin A to Retinol Equivalents Whenever possible, tables using retinol equivalents (RE) should be used for calculating vitamin A content of foods.
The respective EAR values for vitamin A and zinc intake were 625 retinol equivalents (REs) and 9.82 mg/day, respectively.