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It would be good if all the officials, lay and cleric, jointly organize a long-life prayers to the Dalai Lama and the Regent as well as the ex-Regent Reting Rinpoche, since he served the government with great dedication.
After arrival at Reting, the Reting Rinpoche said to the Sera Monastery's abbot, "Previously, I setup a Chinese school at the request of the Chinese government.
Since Reting Labrang shared good relations with both the plaintiff and defendant, the Reting Rinpoche mediated and requested him to withdraw the case and reconcile the matter internally.
Reting Labrang and Phurchog Labrang appealed to the government to release all the imprisoned Sera monks and asked Sera Monastery to send the monks to the Monlam Festival.
After that, at the instruction of the Reting Rinpoche, I approached and requested the Regent to pardon the Sera monks.
The Reting Rinpoche was greatly saddened by the government's actions.