retinal camera

ret·i·nal cam·er·a

an instrument for photographing the ocular fundus.
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An appeal to raise money for a Pounds 50,000 retinal camera at Warwick Hospital has been a huge success.
trial frame, visual fields equipment, NCT, retinal camera, slit lamp, optical coherence tomographers etc.
Cost-effective screening for diabetic retinopathy using a non-Mydriatic retinal camera in a prepaid health-care setting.
He shared a series of photos from the initiative via social media and showed him testing the retinal camera while at the Jose B.
At the centre, we provide international levels of care and have North American trained specialists such as consultant adult and paediatric endocrinologists, along with the team comprising of nurse educators, dietitians, podiatrists, exercise therapists and retinal camera technicians.
The software behind IDx-DR utilizes an artificial intelligence program to analyze retinal images captured by a retinal camera, the Topcon NW400.
Its software uses an artificial intelligence algorithm to analyze images of the eye, taken with a retinal camera called the Topcon NW400, the FDA said.
All of the patients were interviewed regarding their medical history and underwent a comprehensive ophthalmic evaluation, including best-corrected visual acuity (BCVA) and refraction assessments, slit-lamp biomicroscopy, intraocular pressure (IOP) measurement, optic nerve head (ONH) evaluation and fundus examination, digital color fundus photography (Digital Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera, Canon, Tokyo, Japan), automated visual field assessment (Humphrey 30-2 SITA standard strategy, Carl Zeiss Meditec, Jena, Germany), spectral-domain OCT (SD-OCT), and OCT-A.
The AO retinal camera (rtx1) was used to acquire images of parafoveal cones and retinal arterioles with a diameter greater than 70 [micro]m in patients from both groups.
Additionally, the Nonmyd 8 retinal camera comes complete with Kowa's two-year limited warranty and one year of technical phone and remote support to ensure the equipment and software are running flawlessly together.