retardation factor

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retardation factor (Rf)

(chromatography) the distance travelled by a separated component over the distance travelled by the solvent front. Under specific conditions, the Rf is characteristic of a given component and can be used to identify it.
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4 illustrates the retention factor of RANH decreased when the NaOAc/HAc buffer was increased from 20 to 100 mM while holding pH at 4.
Regardless of employee age, base pay is universally ranked first as an attraction and retention factor.
Having a stable income is an important retention factor, but offering employees more consistent and predictable schedules that fit their lifestyles will go further in the long run.
Table 1: Retention factors for stress-strain relationships of cold-formed steel at elevated temperatures Steel Retention Retention factor temperature T factor for for yield strength elastic modulus [k.
Similarly job security as a retention factor was reported solely by female teachers.
Only 23 percent of officers and 51 percent of administrators believe that having agency-sponsored child care is an important retention factor.
Researchers have emphasized a sense of belonging to the academic community as a retention factor (Billings, Connors, & Skiba, 2001; Greene & Puetzer, 2002; Greer, Hudson, & Paugh, 1998; Prendergrast, 2003; Read, Archer, & Leatherwood, 2003; Yorke, 2004).
The students also indicated positive physician-nurse relationships would be a retention factor.
Physical aspects of the community have most often been recognized as a retention factor.