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Ernest Arthur, early 20th-century English biochemist. See: Carr-Price reaction.


(prīs) [An acronym for protection, rest, ice, compression, elevation]
A regimen that supports healing in overuse injuries.
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Hand Woven in India 1100% Jute I No Pile I Reversible Suggested Retail Price for 5' x 8': $364
The wok has a suggested retail price of $154, the dishdrainer, which is available in Blue and Warm Grey, has a suggested retail of $46.
Compared with 2003, the average retail price of beef sold last year as English has increased by 14.
The center said the average retail price as of Monday rose by 0.
The permanent retail price of identical units prevailing on the first day of the tax year (with or without an artificial markdown);
Average retail prices for new cars in the UK rose by 3.
Meanwhile, NTT DoCoMo president Keiji Tachikawa told a press conference in September that the right to set the retail price should go to the one who pays more of the costs, and that would be the wireless carriers.
The effectiveness of this model was then measured in two ways: the percentage of weeks in which the model correctly forecast the direction of the price change, and the mean absolute error of the forecast weekly retail price change from that actually experienced.
New Wave is a programmed group of hand-hooked Chinese rugs with a suggested retail price of $299.
Accessory goods and services can be provided at no extra cost to the consumer in place of the special services, thereby bolstering the free rider's offering to consumers while maintaining the required minimum retail price.
Because grocery stores sell a different mix of cuts than ERS uses to calculate the retail price, the wholesale-to-retail spread cannot measure retail gross margins (the difference between the price of the product bought and the price of the product sold).
Industry sources said that this time's retail price hike in the Tokyo area can be attributed to the increased costs that retailers postponed passing on to consumers in the past several months.

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