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Ernest Arthur, early 20th-century English biochemist. See: Carr-Price reaction.


(prīs) [An acronym for protection, rest, ice, compression, elevation]
A regimen that supports healing in overuse injuries.
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Suggested retail price is approximately $1,200 for 7-foot 9-inch by 9-foot 11-inch size.
The relationship between farm, wholesale, and retail prices for meats is often controversial.
Eye Shadow: Mothbrown; Playful; Springtime Skipper; Whistle; Beautyburst; Magic Dust (Suggested Retail Price $13.
Jig Saw Puzzle Strategy Game is planned for release on floppy diskette at an estimated retail price of $39.
It would benefit retailers who wish to ``play by the rules,'' because they would no longer lose customers antagonized by those who charge more (and implementing maximum retail prices for such products would not hurt franchisees, as long as they knew of the policy ``up front,'' because then any additional costs such policies would impose on franchisees would lead to lower prices for franchises, with the franchisers bearing the consequences).
Columbo's Mystery Capers" carries a suggested retail price of $79.
The retail price of some vegetables, like green beans, shot up 30 percent in the past week, said Dick Spezzano, vice president of produce for the big grocery chain.
What challenges do government-imposed retail price cuts present for manufacturers?
This exclusive report looks at retail price points in the UK, the levels at which they are set, and how retail management arrive at the prices on the garment tickets.
and Europe beginning in August, the QuickCam Ultra Vision webcam has a suggested retail price of $129.
This is expected to result in a substantial reduction in the retail price of roaming services that allow customers to make and receive calls while traveling in the European Economic Area (EEA).

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