restriction map

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re·stric·tion map

the order of restriction sites along a chromosome or plasmid.
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restriction map

A diagram of the sites on DNA that are cut by different RESTRICTION ENZYMES.
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Alignment of whole-genome restriction maps and in silico map for Bartonella isolates from patients with verruga peruana, rural Ancash region, Peru.
For whole-genome restriction map (WGRM) analysis, Bartonella isolates were freshly grown on brain heart infusion agar with 10% sheep blood at 30[degrees]C in an atmosphere of 5% C[O.sub.2] for 10-14 days.
The Red polygon in figure (3.B) indicated the restriction for the existing dumping site at Mehmood Booti Lahore whereas figure 3 (C, D and E) depicted the restriction maps for the roads, water bodies and tube wells, respectively.
Injectivity of the restriction maps. We need some results regarding restriction maps for Galois cohomology.
For similar work regarding restriction maps, see [8, 9].
We further assume that these restriction maps from the vector space of sections corresponding to [M.sub.i] to both [L.sub.i-1] and [L.sub.i] are isomorphisms.
Restriction maps of the ITS1 sequences were done using the software Primer-Premier.
Restriction maps of BAC clones RP22-78A 19, -44B20, -362C 15, -127H7, -548M4, -160014, and RP23-430G14, -174D7, and -113D13 were constructed using Eco RI and Hind III (data not shown).
These mutations were mapped to specific regions on either of the two restriction maps. Using these data, gene trees depicting the most parsimonious phylogeny of the mtDNA haplotypes were empirically derived (Avise 1989).
where f, g, h are the natural restriction maps and m the natural multiplication map.
The whole-genome restriction map for R1101 was compared with in silico NcoI restriction maps of 33 complete genome sequences from the family Nocardiaceae, retrieved from GenBank; these sequences included R.

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