restriction map

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re·stric·tion map

the order of restriction sites along a chromosome or plasmid.
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restriction map

A diagram of the sites on DNA that are cut by different RESTRICTION ENZYMES.
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To confirm position of genes into pAHC25, restriction mapping was used.
Restriction mapping and bidirectional sequencing of cloned fragment was performed to confirm the construct.
Usefulness of ompl restriction mapping for avian Chlamydia psittaci isolate differentiation.
(i) In fact ~ is continuous and the restriction mapping F [??] RF on G is a continuous from [S.sup.I.sub.E](L) into S(G) that satisfies [R.sub.o] ~= [Id.sub.S](G) and ~ [sub.o]R = [Id[S.sup.I.sub.G](L), where [Id.sub.S(G)] (resp.
Clones were assembled on the basis of shared gene sequences and on restriction mapping. Clone overlaps were confirmed by developing sequence tag sites from the ends of each clone and testing them against other cloned DNAs and against known sequence fragments from both the public and Celera (Celera Genomics, Rockville, M D) mouse genome projects.
The restriction mapping analysis of pO.380 identified 10 unique restriction sites within the 3.8 kb DNA fragment (five restriction sites are illustrated in Figure 1).
Restriction Mapping. - Purified mtDNAs from haplotypes A and I were restriction digested with EcoRI, BamHI and PstI both singly and in all paired combinations.
In silico restriction mapping, determination of int22h boundaries, and primer annotations were performed with EditSeq and MapDraw software (LaserGene; DNA Star).
Genomic TaqI digestion coupled with cohybridization with CYP21, TNX, and C4 probes provides direct information about these three genes and alerts the investigator to uncommon configurations that require further analysis by long-range restriction mapping (8,9).

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