Restraint Asphyxia

Asphyxia related to the use of physical restraints
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State Pathologist Marie Cassidy said she believed Adrian died from restraint asphyxia, which can occur when security staff apply restraint techniques incorrectly.
An inquest jury in Kidderminster in 1998 ruled the 33-year-old, also from Sparkbrook, was unlawfully killed after hearing he died of 'restraint asphyxia' during a strip-search.
Officially, his death was listed as the result of "probable acute cardiac arrhythmia, due to probable hypoxemia, due to combined restraint asphyxia, and severe physical exertion, due to apparent manic psychotic episode." As Supervising Deputy Coroner Phil Ehlert explained to the Sacramento Bee, restraint asphyxia is "a lack of oxygen caused by a highly agitated state exacerbated by the imposed restraint." A class-action lawsuit against the jail, which was eventually settled for $750,000, claimed that the device had repeatedly been used for torture at the jail and that Marrero's death was a direct result of his time in the restraint chair.