von Restorff, Hedwig

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von Restorff,

Hedwig, German psychologist.
von Restorff effect - memory process theory.
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In this respect, three interpretations have been formulated; (1) firstly, it has been argued that the consistency effect is just an a general form of the von Restorff effect whereby items which stand out against a background will always be more conspicuous, and therefore more likely to be remembered than items that are similar to each other, (2) items which are inconsistent with our schema expectations are retained longer in one's working memory for longer than consistent items, and such associations can subsequently serve as retrieval cues, (3) finally, the third interpretation holds that the consistency effect results from encoding differences for consistent and inconsistent items or events.
With the Psychological Institute at his fingertips and a journal, Psychologische Forschung, allowing him to expand upon and disseminate his point of view, Kohler and his surrounding group of psychologists--Kurt Lewin (1890-1947), Hedwig von Restorff (1906-1962), and Karl Duncker (1903-1940) to name a few--transformed Gestalt into a bona fide school of psychology (Kohler, 1929).
Second, tell them - creating association and Von Restorff through the middle.
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From the psychology of learning, the classic Von Restorff Effect predicts that people recall, with little effort, unique aspects of information, while disregarding the rest.
Research on the von Restorff effect in rats has shown that novel stimuli, such as a tone presentation, could aid retention of maze locations in the absence of PI (Reed & Richards, 1996).
The "von Restorff effect" in memory literature suggests that unexpected information seems to capture one's attention, is processed more extensively, and is subsequently more likely to be recalled than information expected in a given context (Lynch and Srull, 1982).
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Research on the Von Restorff effect confirms that distinctive material is easier to learn and recall (Hall 1966).