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Cardiology A multicenter trial–Randomized Efficacy Study of Tirofiban for Outcomes and REstenosis–to evaluate Aggrastat in Pts with unstable angina or acute MIs post-angioplasty. See Tirofiban.

Patient discussion about RESTORE

Q. What are the opportunities to restore gums? My gum on the lower jaw gets less and less, opening the roots of my teeth. Is there any technology or recurement to stop it and, hopefully, draw back?

A. Treatment of receding gums start with treating the cause - improving overall oral hygiene, including brushing habits (too powerful brushing may damage the gums), as well as periodic tooth cleaning at the dentist.

More sever situation may necessitate treatments done by a dentist. Consulting one may be wise.

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Thus, because there is no mention of connecting "reasonable period of time" to an upper limit on commitment if a defendant is deemed restorable, it appears that oklahoma does not accord with Jackson's mandate to limit indefinite commitments solely on account of a defendant's inability to attain competency.
Moreover, we were able to reuse those modules later in a new geographical region--Lake Istokpoga--for a study of potential restorable wetlands.
One showing the still-standing cast-iron pillars among the wreckage of roof timbers, suggests that the building would have been perfectly restorable (the shell was finally demolished in the 1960s to make way for the inner ring road).
Otherwise this important landmark building will clearly deteriorate until it is no longer restorable.
Actually, the reason for the choice was that Nuremberg, alone of all German cities, had an intact jail and a restorable courthouse.
But since the supply of restorable vintage vehicles has been exhausted, the National Park Service has embarked on a more ambitious project to build new fuel efficient and low emissions, "retro style" buses that retain some of the character of the old buses unlike more off-the-shelf shuttle buses.
In the description of each unit it is assumed that sherds can be read directly as representative of whole vessels in systemic use, rather than as incidentally present in abandonment or post-abandonment accumulation or as a by-product of roof collapse (so that, in the case of unit 10, rim sherds representing a maximum of ninety-three bowls are taken as evidence that up to ninety-three bowls were once in use in this unit, allowing assumptions about feasting on an abnormal scale, despite the fact that no complete or fully restorable small bowls were found).
The "liberation" scenario peddled by the Defense Department's neo-conservative naifs before the war assumed swift and clean decapitation of the Ba'athist leadership, inheritance of functioning government ministries and police forces, rapidly restorable oil production and electric power, and a perpetually grateful Iraqi people all yearning to be Madisonians.
No doubt some of the burnt-out bikes will be restorable, but we can still see this awful event only as one of the saddest of days in our biking history.
The silver lining - the contaminated part of our local water supply is restorable and is not lost forever.
A twenty-year-old man with MR living with his parents presented with multiple restorable and non-restorable permanent teeth in obvious need of care.
Having originally cost just around pounds 2000 new, the once great car was "very tatty" but very restorable.