respondeat superior

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respondeat superior

Etymology: L, let the master answer
the concept that an employer may be held liable for torts committed by employees acting within the scope of their employment.
A legal doctrine that holds an employer liable for an employee’s wrongful or negligent act

respondeat superior

Latin–let the master answer for the servant Medical malpractice A legal doctrine that holds an employer liable for an employee's wrongful or negligent act. See 'Captain of the ship. ', 'Deepest pockets', Malpractice.

res·pon·de·at su·pe·ri·or

(rē-spon'dē-ăt sŭ-pēr'ē-ŏr)
Legal doctrine that makes an employer responsible for an employee's action; sometimes called 'captain of the ship principle' or law of agency.
[L., let the superior take responsibility]

respondeat superior,

n a legal doctrine that passes the legal responsibility for acts or omissions of an employee to the employer.
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In 1933, an Ohio court held that respondent superior and negligent entrustment claims are not inconsistent and that the admission of agency in such a case does not banish the theory that the defendant knowingly entrusted the operation of his car to an incompetent driver.
The Court noted municipalities cannot, under Section 1983, be held liable for the actions of their employees under a respondent superior theory.
independent contractors, vicarious liability under respondent superior increases.
In a representative case, under a legal doctrine know as respondent superior that holds a "master" responsible for his "servants" while in the scope of employment, violations of record keeping provisions by the manager of a fireams store are attributable to the owner.