respiratory burst

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res·pi·ra·to·ry burst

the marked increase in metabolic activity that occurs in phagocytes and certain other cells following binding of particles resulting in an increase in oxygen consumption, formation of superoxide anion, formation of hydrogen peroxide, and activation of the hexose monophosphate shunt.
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Moreover, concurrent with the unprecedented respiratory outbreak of EV-D68 in North America in 2014, an apparent increased incidence of acute flaccid myelitis (AFM), consistent with poliolike illness, has been reported in several US states (5).
Sheikhupura road: Some farms at Sheikhupura road were reported to have a respiratory outbreak, with signs and symptoms similar of AI.
That HMPV can be fatal for gorillas is supported by a report of a respiratory outbreak in wild, human-habituated chimpanzees in which several chimpanzees died (2,9).
Respiratory outbreak submissions to Ontario, Canada, public health laboratories by geographic location and season * Influenza season Spring submissions submissions Region 2007-08 2008-09 2008 2009 Ontario 671 543 117 112 ([dagger]) Greater Toronto 139 101 34 21 area ([double dagger]) ([section]) * Influenza season is delineated as October 1-April 19; spring season is delineated as April 20-June 12.
1) are to be congratulated for their delineation of the global geographic presence of human rhinovirus (HRV) strains similar to those reported in 2006 from one third of cases of an otherwise pathogen-negative respiratory outbreak in New York.
There were 56 new acute respiratory outbreaks reported in the region in the week to January 28, similar numbers to the previous two weeks, when there was 57 and 54 respectively.
There were 56 new acute respiratory outbreaks reported in the region in the week to January 28, a similar number to the previous two weeks, when there was 57 and 54 respectively.
The report said:"During the week ending on Janury 7, allowing for Christmas reporting breaks, influenza activity continues to increase across all surveillance indicators with notable increases for respiratory outbreaks and influenza confirmed hospitalisations.
These outbreaks demonstrate that hMPV, a recently described pathogen that would not have been detected without the use of molecular diagnostics in these outbreaks, is associated with severe LRTI and should be considered as a possible etiology of respiratory outbreaks in SNFs.
RIDTs can be particularly useful for identifying influenza virus infection as a cause of respiratory outbreaks in institutions such as nursing homes, chronic care facilities, and hospitals.
When the poultry industry voluntarily dropped most uses of a class of antibiotics called fluoroquinolones, approved fewer than 10 years ago to treat very specific respiratory outbreaks in confirmed flocks, it showed how much leverage consumer groups have in the public relations arena.
SAN DIEGO -- Quidel Corporation (NASDAQ:QDEL), a leading provider of rapid point-of-care (POC) diagnostic tests, announced today that a poster presentation at the Infectious Diseases Society of America 45th Annual Meeting (October 5, San Diego) indicated the on-site use of rapid influenza tests allows for the early detection of influenza, more timely treatment of residents (patients), and improved management of respiratory outbreaks in nursing home facilities.