respiratory care practitioner

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res·pi·ra·to·ry care prac·ti·tion·er

(RCP) (res'pir-ă-tōr-ē kār prak-tish'ŏn-ĕr)
An allied health care professional who works under the direction of a physician, educating patients, treating, assessing patient response to therapy and the need for continued therapy, and managing and monitoring patients with deficiencies and abnormalities of cardiopulmonary function; applied by licensing authorities to those licensed to practice.
Synonym(s): respiratory therapist.
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Those involved included physician consultants, respiratory care practitioners, quality outcomes specialist, resource educators, clinical nurse specialist, staff nurses, and nursing leaders (nurse manager, supervisor, and director).
During the introduction of a point-of-care blood gas/electrolyte testing program, the respiratory care practitioner who is proficient in blood gas analysis is a valuable consultant while clinicians, laboratorians, and others are being trained to work with the instruments.
Each day, the following data was gathered at the bedside by the Respiratory Care Practitioner: 1) type of immobilizer (tape, cloth strap or skin adhesive/Velcro strap), 2) position of ET tube in the right or left corner of mouth, 3) length of the ET tube inserted at the lower incisors, and, inspection for facial or neck trauma.
Although pressure-control ventilation (PCV) is another option available on most critical care ventilators today, many respiratory care practitioners (RCP) may not be fully aware of its advantages.
The Future Directions: Each Respiratory Care Practitioner needs to know the details of the PSV Weaning Guideline.
Whenever a respiratory care practitioner, nurse, or physician encounters a patient requiring ventilatory support, the use of noninvasive positive pressure ventilation (NPPV) should always be considered.
"Along with this mission, the objectives of the Association include uniting Filipino respiratory care practitioners in Qatar and support each other professionally and morally.
The regulatory program - as well as those for contact lens dispensers, respiratory care practitioners and dyslexia therapists - could be safely eliminated, the report said.
Yet they would still be able to call themselves respiratory care practitioners and have hands-on care of critically ill adults, children and newborns,
Wanger, a research scientist, reviews the most common pulmonary function tests used by respiratory care practitioners, nurses, medical assistants, and occupational hygienists to evaluate lung disorders.
For respiratory care practitioners and students, Des Jardins (respiratory care, Parkland College) and Burton (medical affairs and medicine and anesthesiology, Kettering College of Medical Arts and Wright State U.) explain how to recognize and assess respiratory diseases and disorders in line with therapist-driven protocols.
14 editorial, "Gear up for surge in demand for health care workers." State-licensed respiratory care practitioners provide life-saving care for people of all ages - from the premature infant whose lungs are not ready to support life to the adult patient with pneumonia.